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My name is Jeff Miller. Like many others, I arrived in South Korea with little more than a college diploma, a certificate to teach English as a second language and the self-confidence to face the challenge.

Starting off as one of only two teachers at a family-operated language institute, it is safe to say that my debut in education originated from the ground floor. For nearly a decade I taught in various private sector positions, including that of head teacher at one of the country's largest franchise institutes. I also taught at a public technical high school—an assignment that, in my opinion, is one of the most challenging and potentially rewarding in South Korea. (Hint! Unless you REALLY enjoy teenagers, avoid this one!)

Your Biggest Challenge
Life abroad is a challenge for even the most experienced of teachers, and I have certainly prevailed over many of my own challenges. That having been said, you may be surprised to learn that teaching will not be the biggest challenge you will confront when living and working abroad in South Korea. Your biggest challenge will be finding the RIGHT job.

Take my advice: Find the right job, and the rest will take care of itself. The right job will come with the right environment, the right resources and the right mentors—all of which will help you become a successful teacher and fully enjoy your free time. Find the wrong job, however, and I can assure you that a year can be very long indeed. 

Experience Does Not Always Lead to Success
So, let me share a bit of my personal experience. Prior to departing for South Korea, I reviewed several online forums and tried to determine how some teachers always seemed to find the right jobs, while other equally qualified teachers always seemed to find…well, let us just say "less-than-desirable" ones. 

Unfortunately, before I could sort things out entirely, I left for South Korea and fell into one of the wrong jobs myself. Coming from a sales and marketing background, I had ample experience conducting job searches with employers who overpromised and under delivered. I guess I assumed my experience would carry over to any job search anywhere in the world, but unfortunately, I was wrong.  

The Devil Is in the Details
My first year was a difficult one, to be sure, but I was determined to find the right job the next time around. Possessing a passion for studying the Korean language and culture, I decided to expand that passion into deciphering Korean culture as it related to my career. As you might guess, I discovered some of the mistakes I had made, and I also figured out what I had to do to improve the results of my next job search!

Over the years, I have learned a lot and come to the conclusion that the formula for conducting a successful job search in South Korea (where you end up with the right job) is not difficult to master. But here is the KEY POINT! There are significant differences between the way you should prepare for and conduct a job search in South Korea and how you would do so in your own country. 

As you may already know, South Korea is a HIGHLY competitive society. There are lots of rules (customs) and little patience for those who do not follow them. As an outsider, you really have limited choices. You can confront these rules on your own through trial and error, or you can follow the lead of someone who has already succeeded at what you are trying to accomplish. Which option sounds less risky to you?

As they say, the devil is in the details. When seeking employment in a foreign country with rules you do not entirely understand, I would say the devil is ALWAYS in the details.

Are You Excited About the Possibilities That Await You?
For you, teaching English in South Korea may be an appealing gap year option; or, it may be a viable part of a long-term career path. Either way, my PRIMARY GOAL is to assist you in finding a job that will allow you to focus your energy on immersing yourself amongst the wonderfully fascinating people and amazing culture of South Korea.

By writing Korea Experience and sharing what I have learned, I also hope to open up to you some of the many unexpected opportunities the country of South Korea and its people have opened up to me. 

I hope you are beginning to become excited about the possibilities that await you in South Korea!

Thank you,

Jeff Miller


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South Korea was a "teachers' job market" when I began teaching. Teachers were in short supply, and truthfully, simply looking the part got you hired at a salary that was twenty percent (or more) above the norm. Employers could not get you on a plane fast enough. The problem was, there were not many resources like Korea Experience available to assist a new teacher in making the right choices.

Nowadays, the global economy and local factors have created an oversupply of teachers. Excellent positions are still available, but competition can be intense, and potential teachers are evaluated on what they can contribute as opposed to merely looking the part. It is now an "employers' job market" in South Korea, and the best English teaching positions go to the people who know how to work the current situation to their advantage. 

It is now an "employers' job market" in South Korea, and the best English teaching positions go to the people who know how to work the current situation to their advantage. 

The reward of a successful job search in South Korea is a teaching position that allows you to fully enjoy your time working and living abroad. The process of obtaining one of these positions is not overly complicated, but you must fully comprehend how to use and benefit from each of the numerous elements involved.

Korea Experience is a guide to success based on what I have learned from conducting job searches in South Korea for nearly a decade. Supply the effort, and Korea Experience will provide you with the rest. Use the knowledge, skills and tools contained in this book, and I assure you that you will surpass your competitors and quickly obtain the English teaching position in South Korea that you desire!

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Understand how to manage each step of the job search and hiring process from start to finish. You will even learn the best day of the week to start your job search, and how starting on this day can result in more job offers.


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South Koreans can be very demanding, and how you conduct your job search will in part determine if you are fully equipped to be an English teacher in their country or not. Being able to make decisions quickly and under pressure is a notable part of being South Korean, and phrases like "balle, balle," ("hurry, hurry") are so fixed in the culture there is no escaping them. If you already possess the confidence to function effectively in this type of environment, you have an advantage over others.

Unfortunately, confidence alone will not lead you to the right English teaching position in South Korea. To set yourself up to receive several viable and simultaneous job offers, you will need to be resourceful enough to gather the tools necessary to efficiently manage your time and maximize each contact with multiple recruiters and potential employers. Combine these tools with the knowledge and skills required to assess each available opportunity while keeping the entire process moving briskly along and you are likely to succeed. Success the first time around is the only option when failure means repeating the entire process all over again.

Resourcefulness is not only an attribute of a successful teacher—it is also an attribute of a successful job hunter. So why not utilize the best resource available to you?

Resourcefulness is not only an attribute of a successful teacher—it is also an attribute of a successful job hunter. So why not utilize the best resource available to you? Korea Experience is that resource when it comes to conducting a job search for the position of English teacher in South Korea. When combined with your determination, I guarantee Korea Experience will provide you with all the essentials necessary to efficiently and effectively execute your job search in South Korea and make it a success!

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If you are serious about teaching English in South Korea, then you have already done some research. You have inevitably encountered the "dramatic accounts" of some teachers' difficulties with employers, which I am not going to go into details about here. Let us just say that one teacher's experience in South Korea can be very different from another's.

Just to be clear, let me state again that South Koreans are wonderful people. In my opinion, the causes of teachers' difficulties with employers are frequently split 50/50 between both parties. Still, problematic employers exist everywhere, and you clearly want to avoid them.

Still, problematic employers exist everywhere,
and you clearly want to avoid them.

The time to address potential problems is while you are conducting your job search—not after you set foot on the plane. Once you are in South Korea, problems with employers only tend to expand in scale, and they can do so quickly.

Fortunately, problematic employers can usually be detected. That is, if you know what to look for, who to talk to and which questions to ask. By purchasing Korea Experience, you will acquire a valuable resource that will assist you in accomplishing this. Korea Experience will provide you with the necessary means to eliminate as many potential problems as possible during your job search, and manage others that may surface after your arrival in South Korea.


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Thank you again for your interest in Korea Experience. Should you encounter any issues with the downloading of this book, please contact me. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors. And, as they say in South Korea, "Fighting!" 

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